At Locksmith Upper East Side, we understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to doors. From your front door to your back door and every door in between, Locksmith Upper East Side helps you protect it all. Whether it’s a simple lock change or a complete door replacement, there is no door service too complex for Locksmith Upper East Side to handle.

Door Change

When you move into a new home, there is a chance that a few doors will not function properly. Then again, perhaps you require your old wooden door replaced with a stylish yet sturdy and secure glass door. If you have a new office, rather than installing a regular door, why not install fire doors? Evidently, there are multiple changes you can request. From a small lock change to a complete door overhaul, Locksmith Upper East Side offers a wide range of door services.

Lock Change and Re-Keying

When you move into a new home, have an ex-employee who “forgot” to return the keys, or just have an old lock that has become unusable, lock changes are required. At Locksmith Upper East Side, we ensure effective, efficient, and affordable door lock changes. On the other hand, if you require a simpler and more affordable alternative, Locksmith Upper East Side also offers re-keying services, allowing the lock on your door to be changed without changing the entire lock itself.

Door Closer Installation and Maintenance

With the advent of door closers, going through a door became easier than ever before. All you had to do was open the door and it would close itself. Locksmith Upper East Side helps you experience the best in door closers with our wide range of regular and concealed door closers.

At Locksmith Upper East Side, we do door closers a little differently. Our experts not only install door closers, we teach you how to adjust them as well, ensuring a smoother and better experience. If your door closer is not working as it once used to, perhaps it’s time for a scheduled maintenance. If so, let Locksmith Upper East Side handle it for you.

Buzzer Connection

Buzzer connections are becoming increasingly popular with both residential and commercial customers. We highly recommend their usage as they add an extra layer of security to your doors, ensuring only you know who goes in and out of your home or office. If you want your door connected to a buzzer system, we can install it for you.

Whether it is installation, changing or maintaining door and door elements, nothing is too big or complex for Locksmith Upper East Side. For more information about Locksmith Upper East Side and our door services, enquire on 212-202-2667.