While many homes feature a front door, others additionally feature a front gate. Strong, sturdy and reliable, these gates help keep out any unwanted visitors. Depending on their height, type, additional features and build quality, these gates can be the perfect layer of extra protection for your home and office. With years of experience and an expert team at your disposal, Locksmith Upper East Side offers a myriad of gate services including their installation, maintenance, enhancement and repairs.

Analysis and Consultancy

Whether you have a small or large house, we can install your gate for you. However, at Locksmith Upper East Side, we understand that not everyone knows what they want. As such, our experts can help you make the choice.

Either by phone or by personal visit, Locksmith Upper East Side experts can analyze your home or office. Combined with further information acquisition, our experts provide the recommendations you need to make the right choice.

Front Gate Installation

Front gates are usually found both on residential and commercial plots. Affordable, effective and absolutely sturdy, Locksmith Upper East Side gates will help protect your home or office like never before.

Garage Gates

More often than not, most people do not realize that garage doors can also be gates. Known to most as rolling gates, Locksmith Upper East Side offers rolling gate installation as part of our gate services. In essence, we not only protect your home but your automobiles as well. With a variety of designs and types to choose from, there will always be a rolling gate for you.

Gate Lock Changes

If you have moved into a new home or office, or simply have an old rusted lock on your gate, Locksmith Upper East Side can change it for you. With our emergency team on standby, ready to offer a number of gate services, we can change your gate’s locks whether it is day or night.

Gate Lockout

At Locksmith Upper East Side, we understand that nobody is perfect. As humans, we are prone to forget a few things, such as our keys, every now and then. If you do forget your gate’s keys, Locksmith Upper East Side can help you out of your predicament. With an emergency team always ready, we will ensure you are never locket out of your home or office for too long. Whether it is a gate re-key or a lock change, we can do it all regardless of the time.

Gate Enhancements

Gate enhancements such as the addition of a CCTV camera or connection with an intercom connection provide more security to your home or office. If you require enhancements to be made to your gate, we can do it for you quickly, professionally and affordably.

For more information on our gate services, call us on 212-202-2667.