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Emergency 24 Hour Locksmith

All our technicians are certified experts. Locksmith Upper East Side provides fast, reliable, professional 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith services in NYC at extremely competitive rates. Locksmith Upper East Side we stand behind our workmanship – 100% client satisfaction guaranteed. At Locksmith Upper East Side we have a fully equipped machine shop available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, we service most major lock brands and associated door hardware, including the brands we do not sell.
At Locksmith Upper East Side we offer fast, professional and experienced locksmith services.

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Emergency Locksmith

Whether it is being locked out of your car or your home, at Locksmith Upper East Side, we realize that at one time or another, we all face lockouts. In fact, over 2 million New Yorkers are locked out of their home every year. However, with Locksmith Upper East Side and our emergency locksmith services, New Yorkers no longer have to fret about being locked out.

Home or Office, Locksmith Upper East Side Unlocks it All

At Locksmith Upper East Side, we ensure that nobody is left locked out because they forgot to pick up their keys or left them inside. Whether you forgot the keys to the office, home or your brand new automobile, we can help you unlock it all. From a simple lock to an electronic system, there is no lockout too complex for Locksmith Upper East Side for both residential and commercial customers.

Lock Change

From turning a key incorrectly to simply using the wrong key, people lock themselves out by accidentally breaking the key in the lock itself. Fortunately, as the best emergency locksmith service in the Upper East Side, we make sure this is never a problem. One call is all it takes to have your lock changed and quickly regain entry into your home or office.


At times, many of us leave our keys at the office or accidentally leave them inside the home. As such, changing the entire lock would be rather taxing. At Locksmith Upper East Side, we can simply rekey your lock for you, allowing you to regain entry with a new key, and even changing it back once you get the original. This is not only an effective and legal way to regain entrance but the most affordable

Emergency Locksmith Vehicle Opening

More often than not, people are locked out of more than just the home or office. Millions of US residents are locked out of their vehicles every year, creating tension and frustration and need an emergency service of a locksmith. At Locksmith Upper East Side, we ensure that when you’re locked out of your vehicle, it won’t be for long. With one simple phone call, the best emergency locksmith will have you driving away in your car in no time at all.

Electronic Bypass

Millions of people have chosen to replace their traditional locks with electronic locks that add an entirely new dimension of protection. Whether you forgot your keycard or the pin, Locksmith Upper East Side can help you regain entry once more.

For more information on our emergency lockout services, or to hire the best emergency locksmith, call us now on 212-202-2667 and gain entrance once more.

Emergency Locksmith NYC
Our services include an opening of doors and other locks during emergency situations such as when you lost your keys or when you cannot open your door for some other reasons. We also replace and repair damaged locks with new ones that are of the latest models so you can be assured that these are not easily broken into. We also do replacing, making and duplicating of keys. In the provision of Upper East Side Emergency Locksmith services, we make use of the latest tools so that the job is done smoothly and quickly.

Our response time is within minutes of receiving your call. By the time we receive your call and learn of your concern, then, our technician will immediately prepare to go to your location. Our equipment and tools are usually prepared beforehand so you can expect our locksmiths to be there for you in just 15-20 minutes.

Emergency Residential Services:

■ Lockout
■ Change/install/repair any type of lock
■ Re-keying
■ Safes
■ High-Security Locks
■ Door Repair & Replacement

Emergency Commercial Services:

■ Lockout
■ Change, install, repair, and/or upgrade any type of lock
■ Re-keying computer generated master Key Systems
■ Reinstall, repair all door accessories, hardware
■ High-security system
■ Door Closer
■ Automatic/Handicap Openers