Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith Services

At Locksmith Upper East Side, we specialize in Access Control Systems, Intercom Systems, Security Cameras, Door Closers, Panic Bars and Safes. Locksmith Upper East Side knows that while both residential and commercial customers are similar, they have their subtle differences. By understanding your needs, Locksmith Upper East Side is able to provide customized services that not only meet but exceed your business requirements. When it comes to your business, Locksmith Upper East Side provides nothing but the best security services.

Commercial Locksmith

Access Control Systems

Access Control System Service / Access Control System
Whether it requires a pin number, keycard swipe or a button on the inside, Locksmith Upper East Side can install, maintain, repair and replace it all. With Locksmith Upper East Side, you can rest assured your office is secured 24/7 and secured for less.

Panic Bars

Panic Bar / Exit Bar
In times of crisis, locating your office keys to unlock an escape exit is the last thing any business owner wants. The right method of access is a panic bar. At Locksmith Upper East Side, we not only install panic bars, we ensure they work properly, never faltering both in and out of times of crisis. Moreover, it effectively prevents any instance of a human stampede.

Door Closers

Door Closer
Door closers have become commonplace in every office, allowing employees to simply open a door and let it close itself, safely and without problems. Unfortunately, door closers can be rather unsightly. As such, concealed door closers are installed. At Locksmith Upper East Side, we install, maintain and repair both regular and concealed door closers, ensuring your business “opens up” without a hitch.


Safe Services
For any business, it is absolutely essential to secure the revenue generated from daily sales. Moreover, it is important to always have a supply of cash readily available in the office. Regardless of its purpose, Locksmith Upper East Side can help install and repair safes in the office, ensuring your valuables never enter the hands of unauthorized personnel. Moreover, we ensure that nobody, but you, knows it exists.

Security Cameras

Security Cameras / Surveillance Cameras
In order to protect your business, you need to know what happens in and around it at all times. Locksmith Upper East Side can help ensure that. With years of experience and a team of experts, we can properly position, install, connect, maintain and repair CCTV systems.

Intercom Systems

Intercom system repair / Intercom Services
At Locksmith Upper East Side, we know how important inter-office communication is, primarily in the form of intercom systems. Moreover, their use ensures you know who you let into your place of business. With the right commercial locksmith, you can rest assured that we will effectively, efficiently and affordably install, maintain, repair your intercom systems.

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