Camera Repair Service

CCTV Cameras

Since 1969, CCTV cameras have been at the forefront of protection, monitoring every inch of your home and, in itself, deterring burglars. At Locksmith Upper East Side, we know that CCTV cameras are one of the easiest ways to protect your home. Interestingly, their effectiveness varies depending on the quality of the cameras and their positioning and installation. That is why, we provide nothing but the best products and services, ensuring you have the power to monitor and protect your home and/or office.


After receiving your call, our expert team arrives at your home or office and analyzes the vicinity. By doing so, Locksmith Upper East Side can assess how many cameras you need, the type and most importantly, their positioning. They work closely with you to identify your home or office security needs in order to provide the right recommendation.


After a thorough analysis of your home or office and your needs, our experts provide their recommendation and a quote. Unlike other companies, our professionals not only provide the recommendation, they explain it and ask for your input. By doing so, Locksmith Upper East Side ensures that you receive nothing but the perfect office or home security CCTV camera system.


Once we receive order confirmation, our experts waste no time in working towards installation. Upon arrival, Locksmith Upper East Side experts quickly set up the CCTV cameras, ensuring each works optimally and are installed and positioned correctly. Once installed, every CCTV camera is linked and connected to the central system.

Testing, Repositioning and Training

At Locksmith Upper East Side, we do not simply believe in installing your CCTV camera system and leaving, we believe in empowering our customers. That is why, at Locksmith Upper East Side, our experts go beyond and test each camera, repositioning them to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Once both you and our experts are satisfied with the results, Locksmith Upper East Side teaches you how to use the system. By doing so, we ensure you never have to waste time trying to understand the user manual.

Scheduled Maintenance

Regardless of the quality of CCTV NYC cameras or the installation itself, your home or office security system requires scheduled maintenance. This ensures that your system is working optimally, protecting you as it should. From lens cleaning to system optimization, Locksmith Upper East Side ensures that your CCTV camera system operates as if it was just installed, if not better.

To acquire more information on Locksmith Upper East Side or our CCTV cameras, call us now on 212-202-2667. The power to monitor and protect your home or office is just a phone call away!